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We love Mom and Dad Blogs and are pleased to find out from the blog entries that our products belong to the turbulent everyday lives of many families. A selection of articles written for NUK Product Tests, blogger events and activities can be found here:

Blog Article about the NUK Snack Box:

July 2015, Blog: The Kenny Family (hyperlink name - )

We recently received the new NUK Easy Learning Snack Box to try out on the kids. With the twins going from babies to toddlers and their eating habits going from messy to absolute chaos (sine toddlers love nothing more than eating on the go), I generally jump at the opportunity for mess-free meal items and a chance to give my kids something nice without it ending up in the couch or on the floor.  Self-feeding is definitely fun, but tremendously messy, and whilst allowing your child to make a mess every now and then is good for them, it’s also not always convenient. So we put the Snack Box to the test… Read more (hyper link read more -

Blog article about the NUK Weaning Range:

July 2015, Blog: The Momma’s Blog (hyperlink name - )

Like all things while preparing for your babies arrival, shopping around for ‘the perfect’ product is extremely overwhelming! I remember back to when I first found out I was pregnant. I was so excited to finally have the excuse to go and have a look at all the different things available for babies! … Read more (Hyperlink read more - )

Blog about the NUK Freestyle soother:

November 2013, Blog: The Blessed Barrenness (Hyperlink name:

We have always used the NUK soothers, with both Ava and now Hannah because aside from their products all being BPA free,they are, in my opinion, the pretties soothers on the market too!  And the new Freestyle Soother is all of that, plus it is orthodontically correct in that it is modeled on the shape of a nipple during breastfeeding to aid oral development, it is also particularly kind to the skin thanks to its innovative mouth shield. New ventilation holes minimizes skin contact and ensure optimal air flow while feeling gentle against a baby’s sensitive skin. Read More (Hyperlink read more: )

Blog about Various NUK products

January 2015, Blog: Beauty and the Baby Blog (Hyperlink name -

As you all know, NUK is favoured in this household and a brand that I trust when it comes to all things dummies, bottles and feeding equipment. I have had a few readers ask me about breast pumps, which ones I have tried and more specifically my thoughts on NUK’s breast pumps.  Despite being a breastfeeding mom … Read More (Hyperlink read more - )