The new NUK Nature Sense. As close to nature as never before.

The new NUK Nature Sense.

As close to nature as never before.

But seriously – no matter what you have been told, no one can do what Mother Nature does. We can’t do it either. But what we can do is take her as an example. And so, we have now developed the NUK Nature Sense, which lets babies enjoy a familiar feeling when drinking. A feeling that comes even closer to breastfeeding.

Several tiny openings

are modelled on the milk ducts in a mother’s breast and ensure a smooth and natural flow.

The extra-soft tip
The extra-soft tip

is particularly flexible and adapts itself to the mouth in a way similar to a nipple.

The wide, flexible lip
The wide, flexible lip

rest gives a familiar feeling as if at a mother’s breast.

Anti-Colic Vent
The innovative NUK Anti-Colic Vent

allows the liquid to flow constantly and helps prevent air being swallowed and causing discomfort.

Copied from mothers – and Mother Nature.

Copied from mothers – and Mother Nature.

Whoever would like to understand life has to ask the right questions. How many milk ducts does a mother’s breast actually have? Would you have known that? We looked into this question with the help of recent studies*. The development of the NUK Nature Sense is based on the scientific findings that:

  • on average, breastfeeding mothers have 7.6 active milk ducts
  • up to 16 active milk ducts were observed
  • the number of active milk ducts increases with every additional birth.


With the objective of coming even closer to nature, we therefore developed the new NUK Nature Sense with its several tiny openings. These are modelled on the milk ducts of a mother’s breast and make it a bottle that lets babies enjoy an all-round familiar feeling when drinking and, above all, a natural flow.

Recommended by paediatricians and midwives:
confirm a liquid flow similar to a breast.**
confirm the softness and a feeling almost like at a mother’s breast.**
Recommended by pediatricians
** Independent Market Research Germany 2016

What is important for mothers?

We have asked around.

Die neue NUK Nature Sense. Der Natur so nah wie nie zuvor.
Tested by mothers:
of babies accept the new teat.**
confirm a more natural drinking experience.**
would recommend the new NUK Nature Sense to others.**
** Independent Market Research Germany 2016

Your needs change – the NUK Nature Sense changes too.

The teats of the NUK Nature Sense come with a different number of tiny openings – for breast milk and other thicker liquids too. So as your baby grows, simply change the size of the teat – for babies from 0-6 and 6-18 months.

Teat 0-6 Monate Teat 6-18 Monate

For thin liquids: breast milk, tea, water, infant formula

For formula

For thicker liquids

Naturally from breastfeeding to independent drinking.

At some point in your baby‘s development, you will want to give water in addition to breast milk: at the latest, with solids. With the NUK Nature Sense Learner Bottle, babies practise grasping and learning to drink without your help – with a familiar feeling as at a mother’s breast.

The designs of the NUK Nature Sense.

NUK Product Picture Nature Sense