NUK Easy Learning Cup Fun 300ml with straw

  • New cup with a drinking straw for use at home
  • Drinking fun for children from 18 months old, holds 300ml
  • New system for closing: just one twist and the silicone straw disappears into the top
  • Hygienic and safe, 0% BPA*
  • With imaginative motifs
  • 18 m+

NUK Fun Cup 300 ml, with Retractable Silicone Straw, for Children over 18 Months

When children romp around at home, playing and discovering the world, it is not always easy for parents to remind them to take an all-important drink now and again. With the NUK Fun Cup, the little ones can drink the recommended daily amount of liquid as they play, because the soft silicon straw makes drinking such fun!  There are three fanciful motifs to excite the imaginations of the little explorers too.

New system for closing
Just one twist and the straw disappears into the top. Then one in the other direction is enough to move the straw back up into the upright drinking position.

Safe and hygienic
The straw is securely and hygienically protected in the top. So a separate protective cap is not needed for this cup!

Leakproof and no mess
Thanks to the tried and tested NUK Special Vent, no liquid remains in the straw. So there are no spills or splashes when the cup is opened!

A system for learning to drink: NUK Easy Learning Cups.

Splash! Child wet, kitchen wet. Why is learning to drink so difficult? Quite simply because babies form an “O” with their mouths when bottle or breastfeeding; when drinking from a cup, however, children have to form a “U”. NUK Easy Learning Cups can help children master the transition from “O” to “U”. Of course, especially for mothers, they are leakproof.

Your child’s first cup? Of course, the NUK Starter Cup: the soft silicone spout feels pleasant to the touch and, with non-slip handles, your child can practise the art of drinking without your help.

And to help develop drinking sip for sip, there is the NUK Trainer Cup: its ergonomically shaped, hard drinking lid gives children a completely new feeling when drinking and helps them practise drinking from the rim of a cup.

The NUK Vario Cup has no handles and when your child has mastered the art of drinking, it can be turned into a real cup quickly and easily.

If you prefer that your child forms a “U” from the very first sip, then there is the NUK Magic Cup. An ingenious system makes sure that nothing spills. Liquid only comes out when your child sucks the drinking rim. What’s great about this is that the little ones can drink all around the cup. Just like the big ones! Well, if that isn’t a reason for a toast. Cheers!


* In accordance with EU regulations