NUK Easy Learning Starter Cup 200ml with spout

  • Holds 200 ml, for children from 6 months of age
  • Ideal for the transition from bottle or breastfeeding to the first cup
  • Leakproof, soft silicone drinking spout
  • Can be combined with all cups in the NUK Easy Learning Learn to Drink System
  • In three colours with cheerful motifs
  • 6 m+

NUK Easy Learning Starter Cup, 200ml, Soft Silicone Spout, Leakproof, Age 6m+

Is it a little person who sets the daily routine in your home too? This is when products that solve daily challenges in a quick, straightforward and thought-through way are needed, for example, when changing over from bottle or breastfeeding to drinking from a cup or beaker without your help. To help parents and children in this important learning step, there is the NUK Easy Learning Learn to Drink System.

NUK Starter Cup
The NUK Starter Cup with its soft silicone spout ensures a gentle departure from the breast or bottle teat – the soft mouthpiece takes its shape from the rim of a cup, but still feels soft and familiar.

Thought-through Details
The leakproof vent helps prevent splashing and spilling the drink. The ergonomically-shaped, non-slip handles nurture their motor skills and can be securely held. Suitable for children over 6 months.

Colourful Motifs
The NUK Starter Cup is available in three colours with a cheerful motifs that ensures colour and variety at mealtimes.

Practical: the NUK Easy Learning Learn to Drink System grows with your child! 

The Starter Cup, Trainer Cup, Vario Cup, Fun Cup and Magic Cup are all based on the same cup shape. Depending on age, learning phase and personal preference all cups can be used with all lids.

NUK Starter Cup – the best start to drinking without your help!