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NUK Genius Soother

  • Extra soft – reduces pressure on the teeth and jaw
  • Optimal freedom of movement for the tongue
  • Natural shape that is right for the jaw
  • Silicone baglet 
  • 1 per pack
  • 0-36 m

Babies kick, lift their heads, grasp or suck on their soothers. To do this, they need muscles in their arms, legs back as well as in their faces which are all exercised as they move around. To be able to breathe freely, eat correctly and speak properly, above all an agile tongue, well-developed jaw muscles and a correctly-shaped roof of the mouth are essential.

The NUK Genius Soother helps your baby with this because it is more than just a new soother: it is an innovation. It was developed together with the orthodontic practitioner, Dr med. dent. Hubertus von Treuenfels, based on the most recent medical and technical findings. It has a calming effect and helps prevent crooked teeth. The shape of the NUK Genius Soother’s teat is taken from the tried and tested NUK Shape that is right for the jaw and modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds.  

The Softflex technology, with integrated soft channels along the baglet, makes it particularly soft. This helps reduce pressure on the teeth and jaw to a minimum. The extra dome on the underside gives your baby’s tongue more room to move freely.

The baglet is made of silicone, a synthetic material that is completely free from harmful substances and has a pleasantly smooth surface. This material is very soft, particularly heat-resistant and neutral in taste. Silicone is less flexible than latex and a silicone NUK Soother should be replaced once the first signs of use appear (e.g. scratches, bite marks or small holes).

The NUK Genius Silicone Soother in size 2 was tested in the August 2012 issue of the German magazine, Ökotest, and given a “very good” rating.

Size Concept

Why are there different sizes of soothers?

A mother’s breast may not change, but a baby’s mouth, like everything else, grows quickly in the fi rst months of life. However, to guarantee a shape that fi ts perfectly at any stage, there is the NUK Sizing System. It corresponds ideally to the anatomy of a child.

NUK Size Concept Soothers