NUK Replacement Soft Straw for the Flexi Cup and the Easy Learning Cup Fun

  • Soft drinking straw made of flexible silicone, transparent
  • 2 per Pack
  • As a replacement item for the NUK Flexi Cup as well as the NUK Easy Learning Cup Fun
  • Special vent helps prevent splashes and spills
  • 24 m+

Children who can already drink out of a cup without your help also like to use a straw. With the NUK Flexi Cup (from 24 months old, ideal for when you are out and about) and the NUK Easy Learning Cup Fun (from 18 months old, complements the Easy Learning 1-2-3 Cups range) they can quite easily drink the recommended daily amount of liquid as they play. And without any spills: a vent makes it leak-proof and prevents liquid remaining in the straw, so nothing can squirt out when the cup is opened.

The pack contains two silicone straws for both cups as replacement items. Should the straw become worn out or get lost then it can be replaced very simply without having to buy a new cup.

Please note that you will have to cut off a little of the lower part of the straw when using it with the NUK Easy Learning Cup Fun, or else the straw will be too long.

NUK Flexi Cup and Easy Learning Cup Fun - 100% drinking fun for children