Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Cook with NUK

I recently spent a morning with the team from NUK and Lila Bruk, a Registered Dietician, where we learnt about pregnancy and post pregnancy nutrition, and we got to cook up some balanced, healthy meals that are perfect for pre and post partum mums.

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NUK Nature Sense Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump

Breastfeeding and Accessories

When it comes to breast pumps, I can honestly say that I have tried and tested them all. The NUK Nature Sense Rechargeable Breast Pump definitely tops them all, and here are my reasons why

Journey through motherhood - Cisca de Kock

NUK Hygiene Crate

Household Hygiene

Four of NUK cleaning favourites in one reusable handy storage crate.  The perfect bundle for gentle and safe cleaning of baby products and your babies environment.

Journey through motherhood - Cisca de Kock

NUK Micro Express

Microwave Steriliser

When it comes to the sterilisation of soothers and bottles one looks for a product that is fast and effective, yet affordable. As well as one that can enable thorough sterilisation. The NUK Micro Express Plus, ticks off all of those boxes.

Journey through motherhood  - Cisca de Kock

NUK Nature Sense Range

Starter Set

I know that a lot of moms are concerned about nipple confusion for baby and introducing the bottle or soother too early. But believe me when I say that it will be a life changer and saver. 

Journey through motherhood with Cisca de Kock