NUK Hygiene Cleanser 360ml

  • Removes many types of dirt in a reliable and environmentally-friendly way
  • Cleans surfaces and objects hygienically, without leaving any residue – also suitable for textiles
  • Mild formulation makes it particularly compatible with many materials
  • Contains no alcohol, solvents or preserving agents
  • Contains no allergenic fragrances; dermatologically tested

NUK Hygiene Cleanser, 360ml, powerful, for homes with children, hygienic, mild formulation 

The perfect help for worry-free, gentle cleanliness around your baby

In the first months after birth, a baby’s body is particularly sensitive and in need of protection.

That is why, when cleaning around your baby hygiene and health are the key priorities in terms of cleanliness. With the NUK Hygiene Cleanser, parents can meet these needs and create safe, healthy surroundings for their baby everywhere: 

  • Variety of applications - hygienic and residue-free cleaning of toys, textiles (e. g. prams), high-chairs, floors, changing mats, potties and a lot more besides
  •  Unique mild formulation for babies – no alcohol, solvents, preserving agents or allergens
  •  Dermatologically tested
  •  The optimal addition for the home with children to the NUK Hygiene Wipes, the NUK Bottle Cleanser, NUK Household Cleaner, NUK Stain Remover and NUK Laundry Detergent 

Clean quickly and easily with the NUK Hygiene Cleanser

Before using the NUK Hygiene Cleanser, start by testing its compatibility for the material that you wish to clean by testing a discreet area.

For surfaces or objects: spray the dirty area completely with the NUK Hygiene Cleanser, leave to work for a short time and then just remove with a clean cloth.

To clean fabric surfaces: Do not rub the Hygiene Cleanser into the dirty area at the beginning, but soak up any excess spray with an absorbent cloth or wet vacuum cleaner. If there is hardly any surface discoloration to be seen, then remove the remaining dirt by rubbing. 

NUK Hygiene Cleanser – clean with care around your baby

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