NUK Latex Genius Soother

  • Extra soft lollipop made of latex - reduces the pressure on teeth and jaw
  • Optimum freedom of movement for the tongue
  • Natural, jaw-form
  • Developed and optimized with the participation of dentists
  • 1 piece per package

NUK Genius latex pacifier, jaw-form NUK, tooth-friendly, BPA free, 1 piece

When choosing the pacifier for their baby, many parents rely on the NUK Genius. It is based on the orthodontic NUK form, which was developed and optimized with the participation of dentists. He satisfies the innate need for suction and is tooth-friendly. In addition, his original jaw-shaped NUK shape of the mother's breast is modeled on breastfeeding.

Maximum softness and flexibility thanks to integrated soft channels along the sucking part. The pressure on teeth and jaw is reduced to a minimum. Latex lollipop.

Nature Molded
The orthodontic NUK teat shape simulates the mother's breast during breastfeeding and thus follows the example of nature.

More freedom
The extra cavity leaves the tongue more space for the natural suction movement.

NUK Air System
Through the NUK Air System 's valve, air can escape from the sucking part, making the pacifier particularly soft and malleable.

Latex latex
Latex is a natural product and is characterized by elasticity and flexibility as well as a high load capacity. Latex pacifiers should be replaced every one to two months, but no later than when they begin to stick.


NUK Genius Latex Pacifier - sensible down to the last detail, for a healthy overall development. 

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