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NUK Nature Sense Pregnancy Bundle

  • 1x NUK Double Electric Breastpump
  • New in the NUK range – NUK Temperature Control to help parents achieve the optimum temperature for more safety when feeding their baby
  • Temperature of the contents of the bottle makes it change colour: if the feed is too hot, the normally blue indicator will turn white
  • 4 NUK Nature Sense bottles made of polypropylene (PP) in a set 
  • 2x 150 ml, Age 0-6 months (S - small hole teat for tea and breast milk)
  • 2x 260 ml, Age 0-6 months (M - medium hole teat for formula), BPA-free
  • Extra-wide, flexible lip rest, anti-colic air system and extremely soft zone
  • Several tiny openings
  • 1x NUK 2-in-1 Bottle Brush with flexible teat brush, for effectively cleaning of bottles and teats
  • 1x NUK Genius Silicone Soother, 0-6 months, right for the jaw, with anatomically-shaped mouth shield, particularly soft and flexible
  • 1x Micro Express Microwave Steriliser (bottles not included in steriliser)
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NUK Nature Sense Perfect Pregnancy Bundle:

NUK Nature Sense Double Electric Breast Pump with LED display and NUK Micro Express Steam Steriliser

For the first six months, breast milk is the best food your little treasure can get. If natural breastfeeding is temporarily or permanently impossible, the Nature Sense Double Electric Breast Pump can serve as a breastfeeding aid for you and your baby. This allows you to provide your baby with valuable breast milk in a pleasurable way, regardless of your individual situation.

NUK Nature Sense Double Electric Breast Pump - as flexible and efficient as never before

Every new mum has her personal and individual needs. In order to make pumping breast milk as flexible and efficient as possible, NUK has developed the Nature Sense Double Electric Breast Pump, which facilitates an optimum milk flow and takes the individuality of each mother into account. This is ensured above all by the 16 different settings, which serve to regulate the pumping rhythm and the suction strength. Here you can choose freely between 4 suction strengths and 4 suction rhythms, which you can combine with each other. You can then save your favourite programme with the help of the practical memory function and retrieve it again directly when required. The soft silicone cushion and the ergonomic breast shield also helps it fit to your breast comfortably and individually. Thus, you benefit from even more comfort during pumping.

Comfortable pumping - with the NUK Nature Sense Double Electric Breast Pump

Can be combined with NUK Nature Sense bottles and teats (not included)

NUK Micro Express Steam Steriliser

NUK Micro Express Plus Microwave Steam Steriliser, for up to four bottles and accessories, fast, effective and thorough

Toddlers are nearly as demanding as many a gourmet when it comes to food - sometimes wanting warm food very frequently within a 24-hour period. And for every meal, their bottles and teats not only need to be clean, but also sterilised.

The NUK Micro Express Plus Microwave Steam Steriliser sterilises baby bottles, their accessories (except soothers) and breast pump parts. Using steam, it can sterilise up to four 300 ml wide-necked bottles at the same time and, thanks to the clever holder, the bottles are in the correct position for drying. The sterilised items can then be effortlessly removed with the practical bottle tongs. 

With just three parts, the NUK Micro Express Plus Microwave Steam Steriliser is simple to use and fits into all standard microwaves with a minimum interior of 187 mm in height and 280 mm in both width and depth. At the same time, it is compatible and can be used with standard bottles of all shapes and sizes in microwaveable material. It has a transparent lid and now comes with a locking system. After the sterilising process is over, the NUK Micro Express Plus Microwave Steam Steriliser can be easily cleaned with a cloth – but it is also dishwasher safe. 

  • Nature Sense Breast Milk Container 150 ml, screw ring, sealing disc, cover, stand, USB-cable, AC adapter and practical carrying strap
  • Includes: NUK Micro Express Microwave Steriliser (bottles not included in steriliser)
  • Ideal for the daily sterilisation of baby bottles and accessories that are microwave safe
  • Sterilises up to four bottles and accessories in just four minutes (1,000 watts power setting)
  • Suitable for all bottle brands and bottles except (PA)
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