NUK Soother Band

  • Fastening ring with dual function in flexible silicone
  • Practical single-handed clip
  • For all soothers with and without rings
  • No corners or edges
  • Resilient textile band

NUK Soother Band, for all Pacifiers With or Without Rings, 1 per Pack

Soother bands help prevent tears, for they see to it that the beloved soother stays where it belongs and does not land on the floor or possibly even get lost. Its flexible silicone ring means the NUK Soother Band can be securely fastened to soothers both with or without rings. The practical single-handed clip system lets you easily attach it to your child’s clothes. The NUK Soother Band has neither sharp corners or rough edges, has a resilient textile band and impresses with its dual function. The modern motif is designed to co-ordinate with the NUK Soothers’ and Bottles’ programme.

NUK Soother Band – one ring, two possibilities, a practical companion for fashionable families

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