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NUK Kiddy Cup 300ml with hardspout with Chameleon Effect

  • Chameleon Effect
  • Spout of resilient synthetic material (polypropylene) withstands little teeth
  • Leakproof and easy-functioning vent makes drinking simple
  • Extremely resilient, light and hard-wearing, 
  • Made of polypropylene, holds 300 ml, BPA free
  • Protective cap included
  • Available in different designs
  • Compatible with First Choice Accessories
  • from 12 m
incl. 15% VAT plus shipping costs
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NUK Kiddy Cup with resilient synthetic spout, 300ml, leakproof, age 12 months, BPA-free, 1 piece

The NUK Kiddy Cup now with Chameleon Effect, which changes colour and your child’s drinking behaviour – drinking water can be fun! The design on the NUK Kiddy Cup with chameleon effect are temperature sensitive.

The colour changes whenever the cup is warmed up or cooled down. When a cup is so exciting, a child’s interest in drinking also grows in a very natural and cheerful way. The Kiddy Cup has a leak-proof spout made of a resilient synthetic material (polypropylene) which can withstand little teeth and is particularly durable. The NUK Kiddy Cup holds 300 ml for really thirsty children, while its contoured shape makes it easy for little hands to grasp and hold.

The Kiddy Cup is compatible with all the products in the NUK First Choice range and it can therefore “grow” with the abilities of your child. The NUK Kiddy Cup - 100% drinking fun for children from 12 months. Spout of resilient synthetic material (polypropylene) withstands little teeth. Leak-proof and easy-functioning vent makes drinking simple. Extremely resilient, light and hard-wearing. Holds 300 ml and is BPA free. Protective cap included.

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