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NUK Evolution Cups

The right cup for every stage of development

NUK Trainer Cup

with a firm hold and a gentle feel

The first step:

gentle transition to the first cup: this cup has a spout that is very gentle on the gums and palate. As well as being a pleasant sensation in your baby's mouth, the transition to the first cup is made easier too. Little hands and fingers can hold the ergonomically shaped handles with no effort at all. A vent makes the NUK Trainer Cup "house-trained" and 100% spillproof.

NUK Magic Cup

drink all around like the big kids

The second step:

on we go with a top that your child can drink with like the "big ones": that is to say, as if from a normal cup and all the way round the rim. There is however a small "magic" difference: the cup is spillproof, because a clever silicone disk can seal it up to 100%. But even so, drinking is naturally still very easy: the little "apprentice drinker" simply has to suck on the rim of the cup. And for protection when out and about, the NUK Magic Cup comes with a lid.

NUK Action Cup

flexible and safe in every situation

The third step:

all good things come in threes: this cup keeps your child company into a more active period, when movement and action are in the foreground. The drinking top has a particularly soft and flexible drinking straw, that is very gentle on the palate. And when you are out and about, just a twist and the straw disappears into the lid, so that everything stays dry and clean.

Less is more

These cups not only help children to learn to drink, they also make everyday life easier. All three consist of just a few parts that can be simply and hygienically cleaned, and are easy to take apart and reassemble. And what’s more, the cups are made of high-quality resilient materials, so that they are able to survive lots of adventures.

Chic with every sip.

The drink must look attractive too! That's why the NUK Evolution Cups come in great colours and cute designs with a tiger and koala.