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NUK for Nature

Our most natural and sustainable soother

Natural soothes best. That's why our NUK for Nature soother is not only naturally shaped, it is also made from natural raw materials, packaged in an environmentally friendly way and its production respects nature.

nuk for nature

98 % natural raw materials

The NUK for Nature is made from more than 98% natural rubber latex and sustainable plastic. The natural origin is independently certified.*

Packaged in 100% paper

The packaging is FSC certified, so it comes from sustainable sources, and can be put in the paper recycle bin.

Mini carbon footprint

From raw materials to production with renewable energy, we optimise everything to be climate friendly.

Original NUK shape

Inspired by nature: round at the top and flat underneath. So the soother nestles against the palate and leaves room for the tongue.

Recommended by babies and experts**

Accepted by 95% of babies, particularly breastfeeding-friendly, does not cause misalignment of teeth or jaws. The recommendation of medical experts.

Button Shop *This plastic is 100% linked to renewable raw materials. Compliant with the mass balance approach and certified by ISCC PLUS. ** Independent market research, Germany, 2017

NUK for sustainability

Big changes start small

More than 60 years ago - with our very first soother that was right for the jaw - we took nature as our role model. That's how we got our name: NUK - natürlich und kiefergerecht, the German for natural and right for the jaw.

With the NUK FOR NATURE - our most natural and sustainable soother - we are resolutely pursuing this path, taking it further from here:

we are working every day to become even more natural and sustainable.

98% natural raw materials, sustainable synthetic material, natural rubber, mass balance process ...

Our most important information for those who it in detail.

98% natural raw materials

We use renewable raw materials for our sustainable NUK for Nature. We use sustainable plastic for the firm parts of the soother. *

The soft teat is made of pure natural rubber.

* This plastic is 100% linked to renewable raw materials. Compliant with the mass balance approach and certified by ISCC PLUS.
 ISCC -Supporting the bioeconomy
Sustainable plastic

This plastic is 100% linked to renewable raw materials. Compliant with the mass balance approach and certified by ISCC PLUS.

Conventional plastic can be produced from crude oil. New technologies make it possible to replace the fossil crude oil with renewable raw materials. We rely on pine oil, a by-product from the forestry industry. When the pine wood has been made into paper, the pine oil is left over. By using it for the production of synthetic materials, it does not end up as unused waste. It is recycled. For every gram of synthetic material that we use for our NUK for Nature soother, we invest 100% in synthetic materials made from this renewable raw material.

Mass balance process in a nutshell.

It is important to us to make our NUK for Nature soother as resource-friendly, environmentally conscious and climate-friendly as possible.

That's why we ensure that for every gram of plastic we use in production, the same amount of plastic is produced from renewable raw materials. And that it's fully traceable. This sustainable material replaces plastic that would have been produced from fossil crude oil without our commitment.

This is the idea of the mass balance process. It aims to make the production of synthetic materials more sustainable as a whole. Not just a single product.

By mass balancing our synthetic material, we reduce the overall consumption of fossil raw materials and make the greatest possible contribution to climate protection.

Naturally natural rubber.

Natural rubber is a little miracle of nature. The pure natural product from the milk of the rubber tree feels wonderfully warm and soft in a baby's mouth and is also particularly flexible. That's why natural rubber or natural rubber latex - as the experts say - is an ideal material for soothers. And, at the same time, it is a renewable, sustainable raw material.

Guaranteed free of harmful substances and harmless.

Every NUK product is manufactured to the highest quality standards, from high-quality, safe substances. Of course, this also means: free from BPA and other harmful substances.

BPA-frei = Siegel

Paper Instead of Plastic.

NUK for Nature also means that sustainability doesn't stop with the soother. That's why we pack our sustainable soother in plastic-free material, in 100% FSC-certified paper. In other words, paper from the sustainable forestry sector that can be easily put in the paper recycle bin.

NUK Packshot

renewable energy, energy efficiency, Made in Germany ... because these are not just empty words with us, you can find out what lies behind them here:

Renewable energies.

Every kilowatt hour of electricity we acquire is renewable energy from renewable sources. And because we make sure that all environmental standards required by law are met, we are allowed to carry the ÖKOSTROM seal.

Energy efficiency.

When it comes to energy efficiency, it is not enough to be enthusiastic about the idea of saving electricity. That's why, since 2012, we have voluntarily committed ourselves to keeping energy consumption as low as possible. We pursue this goal with a standardised energy management system (ISO 50001).

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Made in Germany

All NUK for Nature products are made in Germany.

But they are even more than that: namely, "Made in Zeven". And that means manufactured at our factory premises in Lower Saxony. Between meadows and forests. To make it even greener here, we planted a meadow orchard with 50 fruit trees at the beginning of 2020. Our way of helping to create more habitat for bees.

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