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Household & Product Hygiene

Hygiene products

Whether in baby bottles, on bibs or on the kitchen floor – milk, puree and other dirty splashes can be just everywhere. To remove them, you need a cleaner that is effective and, at the same time, gentle. The products in the baby-friendly NUK Household Range were developed especially for the stains and dirt that are typical of babies. Giving you a home for your baby that is unquestionably clean.

  1. NS Single Breastpump
    NUK Nature Sense Single Electric Breast Pump
  2. Cleanser combo - Blue
    NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser + Bottle Brush
  3. Bottle cleanser
    NUK Bottle Cleanser 500ml
  4. NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser-Closed
    NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser
  5. NUK Micro Express Plus Microwave Steam Steriliser-Closed
    NUK Micro Express Plus Microwave Steam Steriliser