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[Translate to South Africa:] Experts interviewed about baby nutrition

Please click on one of the questions to start a short video-interview with one of our experts.

Is it true that one cannot breastfeed with flat or inverted nipples?

How can I remove my baby from the breast carefully after it stops nursing?

How long am I entitled to free of charge help by a midwife?

Will it confuse my baby to be fed breast milk from a bottle now and again?

How can I be as close to my baby during a bottle meal as during breastfeeding?

How much weight does my baby have to gain in what time?

What can I do if breastfeeding doesn't work well for me?

How do I know that my baby has had enough when breastfeeding?

Will my baby be confused if I switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding?

Who can I turn to if I have problems with breastfeeding?

What do I have to observe when preparing milk from milk powder?

How can I tell the right teat hole size for each type of food?

Which formulated milk products are the best for my baby?

How can I make it easier for my child to switch from a bottle to a cup?

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