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NUK Nature Sense Breast Milk Container with Breast Pump Adapter

  • All-in-One Breast Milk Container: expressing, storing, warming and feeding breast milk, no transferring
  • Can be used with all NUK NATURE SENSE Teats
  • Includes adapter, for connecting NUK Breast Pumps to NUK NATURE SENSE Baby Bottles
  • Also suitable for storing puree
  • Breast milk container, high-quality polypropylene, screw ring and silicone sealing discs, BPA-free, 2 per pack

NUK NATURE SENSE Breast Milk Container with Breast Pump Adapter, All in One, 150ml, 2 per Pack

In the first months of life, young mothers are kept particularly busy by their little one. Playing, cuddling and now and again a little walk - a well-filled daily routine is the name of the game. So that mothers can also treat themselves to a relaxing break once in a while, the simple and easy solution is to express their milk. The new NUK NATURE SENSE Breast Milk Container serves as an all-in-one solution that you can use not only to express your healthy, nutritious milk for your baby, but also to store, prepare and then later feed with it.

The special feature of the new breast milk container from NUK: the integrated breast pump adapter ensures that you can easily express your milk directly into the container with the help of a NUK manual or electric breast pump* with no need to transfer it. The practical silicone sealing disc then prevents the liquid leaking and ensures that it can be carried with you or stored safely. The breast milk containers can be easily stacked, as they do not fall over thanks to the anti-slip function of the silicone lid. When your baby's little tummy rumbles, you have the food ready straightaway and, together with the compatible NUK NATURE SENSE Teats, not only is your little treasure’s hunger satisfied, they are also able to drink with a natural and pleasant flow.

*Except NUK Manual Breast Pump Soft & Easy.

The Breast Milk Container from NUK: for more freedom in the breastfeeding period

As a mother, the NUK NATURE SENSE Breast Milk Container will let you enjoy more independence during the breastfeeding period and let you create the breathing space you need for the occasional refuelling and recharging of your batteries. Your baby will still get all the nutrients that are in your breast milk. Discover the practical features of our useful containers:

Express breast milk: the first step is to express the breast milk. The breast pump adapter is already integrated in this product and can be used with the manual or electric breast pumps* from NUK. From now on, you are less tied to feed times and can still maintain the natural production of your milk for further breastfeeding.

*Except NUK Manual Breast Pump Soft & Easy.

Store breast milk: NUK NATURE SENSE Breast Milk Containers ensure the reliable and hygienic storage of breast milk. Even homemade puree can be stored in these containers. Liquid baby food keeps in the refrigerator for a few days. Freezing is also possible and keeps milk fresh for up to six months.

Preparing breast milk: with the aid of our baby food warmers, gently warming up the breast milk or puree is no problem at all.

Feeding breast milk: use the breast milk containers with the compatible NUK NATURE SENSE Teats. We are especially proud of this innovation, because we have come as close to nature as never before with this development. The several tiny openings of the teat are modelled on the milk ducts of the mother's breast. This lets your little treasure enjoy a completely familiar feeling when drinking and, above all, a natural flow. We recommend hole size S for feeding breast milk.

(NUK Teats are not included).

Included are:

  • 2 x Breast Milk Containers (150 ml each)
  • 2 x Screw Rings and Silicone Sealing Discs
  • 1 x Breast Pump Adapter

Please read the enclosed operating instructions.